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Grow the Goose is a Social Enterprise that provides Financial Empowerment for Children, Teens & Grown-Ups to help them attain Financial Wisdom through workshops and mentoring programs.

Grow the Goose Program

meet nina othman – mother goose

Parents, do you give your kids daily, weekly or monthly allowances? 

What do they do with it? Do they spend it all? Do they save some? Or donate some to the needy maybe?

Do they actually understand the concept and value of money or do they just know how to point to the ATM Machine each time they want you to buy something from them?

‘Grow the Goose’ is a 2 full day programme where kids ages 7-12 will learn 

– The Value of Money
– Ways to Earn
– Money Management Habits
– Real Entrepreneurship Skills
– Importance of Giving
– Creative Thinking
– Communication Skills
– Problem Solving Skills
– Practical Math

We believe each child should be equipped with the necessary ‘Concrete Jungle Survival and Living Skills’ as early as possible, starting with Money Management Skills.

We also subscribe to the Law of Giving and Gratitude and believe that every child should be given the chance to immerse in their natural element and inculcate this habit with the purest of intentions. Thus our tagline “Learn to Earn and Live to Give”

Our BIG BIG Hope in this Journey is that with the support of parents, schools, sponsors and the community, together we can build stronger values in our children and create a breed of Empowered Children helping other Children. 

And ultimately create a movement that will inspire the next generation to formulate sustainable & intelligent solutions for world problems that we adults have left them with..

-Mother Goose 🙂 –

“ One in Three Malaysians DO NOT have a Savings Account”

 -Malaysia’s Employee Provident Fund-

98% of rural households have ZERO savings, while 86% of those in urban households do not have savings.

-Malaysia’s Employee Provident Fund-

Around 60% Malaysia below the age of 44 are declared BANKRUPT each day. 

-Malaysian Department of Insolvency-


“Well Done Grow the Goose Team. Finally found some real deal activities that will relate to what we have been trying to cultivate in our daughter.

Earn your Money, Save & Learn to Give. The Jar did put into perspective a lot of things.”

Rajasundram Ponnusami, Lawyer @ Raja S Devan & Veni

“I sent Shailaja to Grow the Goose for her to gain an additional perspective to money and savings to what is being espoused at home, and to learn new money habits as well as methods and avenues to channel her savings.


She now actively seeks out causes that can benefit from her Help jar, as well as is more empowered to make justified choices for “wants” that she finds from her Play jar.


Now she has also started seeking out new and more innovative ways to make more money to fill her jars”

Komi Sam, Entrepreneur

“Our Team Greatly benefited from your workshop! They were quick to take immediate actions for their Personal Financial advantage. Thank you!”

Zachary Haris Ong, Principal @ Zachary Haris Ong & Associates

November 2017

We were awarded the MaGIC IDEA - Impact Driven Enterprise Accreditation by MaGIC

April – September 2017

We were accepted to attend Social Enterprise Forum's Outreach Accelerator based in Stockholm, Sweden. Of the 900 applicants worldwide, we were chosen to be the top 8 to attend this 6 months program, representing Malaysia & Asean. We were blessed to be able to be...

August – November 2016

Out of 264 applicants, we were the top 25 accepted to attend Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre - MaGIC's Accelerator Program for Social Enterprise Track, Cohort 3. This 4 month program introduced us to the entire concept of Social Entrepreneurship...

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Goose Gang Kota Kinabalu #goosegang

Done! First Grow the goose Grown-Ups workshop in Sabah! 💪🏽💪🏽🥳🥳 Thank you to those who came! Thank you #GooseGang Kota Kinabalu & Special Thanks to Stella Matilda for helping us organize this at such a super Hotel!...


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