Grow the goose

We are a Social Enterprise that provides Financial Empowerment for Children, Teens & Grown-Ups to help them attain Financial Wisdom through workshops and mentoring programs.

Growing The Goose since 2015 



Junior Social Entrepreneurs

Apprentice Trainers

Graduates’ Story

Over the past years, Grow The Goose have changed the lives of people.

One of our graduates as young as 10 years old is now making money and conducts hygiene talks at kindergartens and hospitals.

Grow The Good

As a Social Enterprise, we run paid workshops where 60% of our nett profits goes into a ‘Magic Goose Fund’.

This fund we use to run free programs for participants from Rural and/or Marginalised communities & also to help fund our Graduates’ ongoing activities.

We are always hiring facilitators for our workshops.


“Well Done Grow the Goose Team. Finally found some real deal activities that will relate to what we have been trying to cultivate in our daughter. Earn your Money, Save & Learn to Give. The Jar did put into perspective a lot of things.”

Rajasundram Ponnusami, Lawyer @ Raja S Devan & Veni

“Our Team Greatly benefited from your workshop! They were quick to take immediate actions for their Personal Financial advantage. Thank you!”

Zachary Haris Ong, Principal @ Zachary Haris Ong & Associates


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